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mold removal

The perception held by the general public in regards to mold is one of alarm, yet a lack of education still persists. Some folks may hear about the dangerous effects of toxic mold in the home and have an unreasonable reaction. While some forms of mold can seriously impact the health of individuals who are exposed to it, often the symptoms are mild. Even so, they can be very irritating. ServiceMaster by Hedden understands the process of complete mold removal. When providing this service to the residents of Maple Grove and St. Paul, MN, as well as of Madison, WI, we educate them on the signs of mold to look for in their homes and the physical symptoms they may experience as a result.

While many types of molds are harmless for the most part, they can still impact our lives in a negative way. When mold colonies form, they release thousands of spores into the air. These spores attach themselves to particles of dust and travel throughout the home, where they land on carpeting, drapery, and upholstered furniture. This can trigger allergy-like symptoms in some people and asthma symptoms in those who suffer from this respiratory ailment. At any rate, the problem should be investigated by a trained professional.

Mold requires a moist, humid environment in order to grow and flourish. Bathrooms and kitchens provide the right conditions for mold colonies to form. An undetected leak somewhere in the home, in the basement, attic, or pantry, could contribute to mold growth.

The staff at ServiceMaster by Hedden are experts at mold removal in Minnesota and Wisconsin. We implement the proper steps to remove mold through drying and dehumidification. Don’t wait until a mold problem becomes more serious. For the health of your family, call us today if you suspect that you have a problem. We proudly serve businesses in the Twin Cities area. If you’re a business owner, make sure that your employees are not being exposed to a mold problem.