Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

fire damage restoration

With offices in Maple Grove, St. Paul and Madison, our commercial fire damage professionals can address your situation from initial emergency board up for site security and structural stability and cleaning, all the way to the completion of repairs and reconstruction.

Fire Damage Restoration, Smoke and Odor Services

  • 24/7/365 Emergency Board Up and Site Security
  • Emergency Pre-Cleaning to High Risk Materials
  • Full Inspection and Job Scope
  • Complete Smoke and Soot Removal
  • Ozone and Air Quality Control
  • Dry Out of Wet Areas Due to Fire Control
  • Electronic Inventory Control
  • Reconstruction and Repair

Whenever you are faced with a big problem, the many steps involved in the solution can be very overwhelming. Looking at all the tasks ahead seems so daunting that it can be difficult to begin the process. This is especially true when faced with fire damage to your property. After calling the fire department, making sure the fire is out, and getting clearance from the authorities to return, the steps can seem endless. It is important to hire professionals to help with your commercial fire damage restoration.

One of their very first steps is to secure your property by boarding up open spaces. Holes are created by the fire burning through a wall, by windows breaking, by firemen knocking down doors, or by holes being cut in the wall to allow for better ventilation and visibility. Boarding up open spaces is important when it comes to preventing further damage.

Inclement weather can continue to cause damage to your belongings. Electronics that have not been damaged by the fire or the water used to extinguish it can still be broken after exposure to snow or rain. The same goes for any important paper documents such as a marriage or birth certificate, deeds, contracts, passports, etc.

Unfortunately, weather is not the only destructive element to keep in mind. Boarding up your property after a fire also secures it from illegal entry. Looting is an all too real concern for properties that have suffered a fire, and boarding up any possible entries protects you from losing more property or from having more property damage.

It does not matter if your property is in the city or the country: critters can be found everywhere. Squirrels, mice, and other rodents can easily find their way into a damaged property and can cause issues from their chewing, scratching, and droppings.

When the boarding up process is taken care of, then begin the next steps of fire damage restoration. Let ServiceMaster by Hedden walk you through. For more information, call us speak with a customer service representative about your fire damage restoration needs. Our company serves Minnesota communities like Maple Grove, Plymouth and St. Paul, as well as Madison, Windsor and Fitchburg, WI.