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For all upholstery cleaning, our Minnesota/Wisconsin technicians use specially-designed products, equipment, and methods every step of the way and can be used on all types of fabrics. Our process includes:

  • Initial vacuuming and spot treatment
  • Cleaning
  • Rinsing
  • Water extraction
  • Washing and polishing frames

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When disaster strikes, ServiceMaster by Hedden will provide your business peace of mind during the clean-up process.

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Upholstery cleaning is something you may not have time to think about. With many people coming in and out of your home or business, your upholstery furniture is bound to get stains. That is where the upholstery cleaning services from ServiceMaster by Hedden come in.

Your upholstery is just like your carpet and absorbs dirt, dust mites, bacteria, animal dander, locking this debris into the fabric of your furniture. Even when you can’t see any grime on your upholstery, it can still carry bacteria that can cause negative effects on your health if not removed.

Most people try to do their best to ensure their homes look the best possible inside and out. However, stuff happens. Sometimes that “stuff” includes accidental beverage or food onto their furniture. Many homeowners have their cleaning tricks and remedies to deal with such spills, but some stains are no match for simple household cleaners. That’s why ServiceMaster by Hedden provides the best in upholstery cleaning services for residents and business owners in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

They say a home with young children is filled with joy. While this may be true, they are filled with walking, running, playing kids who can take a toll on upholstered furniture. Grape juice spills and dropped pizza slices may have mom and dad ready to throw in the towel, but that towel is not likely to clean up the mess. With professional upholstery cleaning, however, those problems will be dissolved away.

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Stains are not the only problem for furniture. Dust and dirt particles, even pet dander, can get lodged in upholstery fibers. They may be invisible to the naked eye, but these particles can affect the air quality of the home and may even trigger asthma or allergy symptoms. If you have an issue with mold in the home, mold spores may have traveled through the air and become embedded in the fabric of furniture as well as rugs and carpeting.

When ServiceMaster by Hedden cleans furniture such as leather, there are several steps in the process. We first vacuum the sofa, chair, love seat or ottoman and perform the necessary spot treatment. We then thoroughly clean and rinse the area and extract the water. We wash and polish wood frames.

At ServiceMaster by Hedden, our upholstery cleaning services provide the clean you expect and the service you deserve. We service home and business owners in Minnesota communities such as Maple Grove, Eagan, and St. Paul, as well as in Madison, Windsor and Fitchburg, WI. Contact us to schedule an upholstery cleaning appointment today!