in Minnesota and Wisconsin

Common household activities have an impact on your furniture and carpeting, leaving stains and typical wear and tear, but that doesn’t mean you have to change your way life. Service Master by Hedden can provide you with the fabric protection services you need to help maintain the longevity of your furniture and carpeting.

If you’d like to prevent common stains from ruining your carpet or furniture, ServiceMaster by Hedden can assist in applying the right carpet and fabric protection for your home or business. Not only do our protectants prevent common stains, but also protects your carpet or furniture from wearing down faster, which can save you money.

ServiceMaster by Hedden guarantees an experienced professional will be on site within two hours, working efficiently until the job is completed and the customer is satisfied.

We know how you feel. You want your home to feel lived in while wanting to maintain a pristine quality while making sure the investments you make in your home last a long time. With an investment into fabric protection services, you can protect the integrity of your living space by greatly increasing the longevity of your furniture and carpeting.