Basement Flooding Services
in the Twin Cities and Wisconsin

Whether your water damage was caused by a broken sump pump or severe weather, ServiceMaster by Hedden offers both residential cleaning and commercial basement flood cleanup services in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Our basement water damage restoration process involves the following steps:
  • Inspection and assessment
  • Water removal
  • Anti-microbial application
  • Drying: air movement
  • Drying: dehumidifying
  • Drying: monitoring

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When disaster strikes, ServiceMaster by Hedden will provide your family or business peace of mind during the clean-up process.

A dependable, thorough & honest basement flood cleanup company.

Our mission is simple – provide a superior quality home and commercial water damage cleaning service on a consistent basis.
Professional Services

Water is a vector for many waterborne health hazards. Mold, bacteria, and even viruses can take up residence in your residence. The recent storms have caused many problems with flooding. ServiceMaster by Hedden is your local basement flooding company. We have the skill and equipment needed to remove water and deal with flood cleanup debris in basements, businesses and homes.

If your basement has been flooded, the first step is to remove the water. We make sure that there are no safety issues such as electricity and then we move quickly to remove the water and begin the recovery process. We help with recovery management in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Once the water has been removed, we focus on repairing the damage and removing water that may have accumulated in crawl spaces, and beneath floors.

If you have carpets, we treat those, clean them, and dry them. For drapery and furniture we clean and restore them as needed. We are a professional cleaners. We offer whole house cleaning and disaster management services to all of Minnesota and Wisconsin. Flooding is just one disaster from which we can help you recover. If a wet basement, we can help.

The power of nature is amazing. Flash floods, tornadoes, lightning strikes, and fallen trees are just a few of the things that nature throws at us. When the forces of nature invade your home, ServiceMaster by Hedden is your best ally. We can help to remove water and debris, clean up the damage, and rebuild or repair your home. We are a comprehensive cleaning company with a fully licensed general contracting company as our partner. We have built this one-stop-shop so that people who face the damage from floods, fires and other forces of nature, do not have to spend their time searching for all the components to set things right again. One phone call does it all for you.

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The basement flooding professionals at ServiceMaster by Hedden have been trained effectively handle all levels of cleaning. We have employees who do regularly scheduled whole house cleaning. We have employees who repair the damages from natural disasters. We have professional grade tools and equipment, and we invest in training so that we are always 100 percent ready to offer you the best services possible.

If you and your family are having to deal with water damage and basement flooding, just call us. These kinds of emergencies are why we are in business. Besides the danger of electrocution, mold and other water-borne pathogens are the greatest threats to homes and families. Mold spores are present in the air. They require only moisture to begin to grow. Water that is not moving begins to colonize bacteria and sometimes viruses too. Standing water becomes a health hazard quickly. Plus, there is the physical damage to your home. Mold is a decomposer; it eats the material on which it lives. Sheetrock acts like a wick and sucks water up the walls. Wet wood changes the structural integrity as the wood cells begin to swell.

If you need help with basement flooding services, just call us. We are here to help. We service Minnesota clients throughout the Twin Cities, including in communities such as Minneapolis, Maple Grove and St. Paul, as well as in Madison, WI.